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Rogue Bowstrings exists as a family of employees that daily dig in deep to their unanswerable passion for the sport of archery.  rogue  /rōɡ/  may be defined as, - an elephant or other large wild animal is driven away or living apart from the herd and having savage or destructive tendencies.


In our case, we have gone ROGUE from the conventional string manufacturing. Our staff, each have gone ROGUE in their own way.  Fortunately, they have laid aside their destructive tendencies and daily aim their inner savage to pour their passion into their craft.  We produce the most engineered bowstrings in the industry. 


Our mindset in our manufacturing is that every set of strings and cables are being prepared for our professional shooters. Our mindset and quality production end users will all experience the same high-quality end loop serving, engineered stretch, and twist count. 




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Dover, Ohio


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