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Rogue R21
The Pinnacle of Performance

Our proprietary blend of custom fiber offers an improved launch and unmatched arrow speed. It is constructed of material developed and available exclusively to ROGUE.

We have taken the R21 that you have come to love and improved it even further with increases in longevity, speed, consistency and performance. Here at Rogue we know that the perfect bowstring does not exist but we know that the R21 is as close as you are going to get in the string market today. 



The R21 bowstring is built from a base material of Rogue's Exclusive Rogue X Material. Combining the highest quality dynema currently available to the market and an improved vectran we have been able to create the most consistent bowstring on the market. We utilize Halo end servings with power grip centers to assure durability and quality. 


  • Process Tension Consistency

  • Optimized Twist rate

  • Thermal Cycling

  • Pre-Stretching

  • Bundle Seal

  • Nock Precision Tolerance 

*for a more in depth explanation of the rogue technologies please visit our technologies page. 


The R21 series of Bowstrings includes a 1 year warranty against serving separation, stretch, peep rotation as well as manufacturers defects. We pride ourselves in offering a competitive warranty while still having one of the lowest usage rates in the industry. 

Performance Expected

Rogue brought the R21 to market in 2019 and in 2022 we perfected it.

Through the introduction of sophisticated manufacturing processes and advanced implementation of superior materials in key areas we are proud to say that the R21 is the best example of Perfection in Bowstrings. 

At Rogue we listen to our customers and we rely on our Factory pro-staff to assure that the strings you receive meet and in fact exceed your expectations 


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