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Rogue Color Chart

At Rogue Bowstrings we use the finest bowstring materials available to the market. For Decade, BCY Fibers has been the Gold Standard in Raw Material Manufacturing and we are proud to use their products in each and every one of our bowstrings. The R21 Material was born from a partnership between BCY Fibers and Our team here at Rogue Bowstrings. 

*Colors Shown are off actual BCY Fibers Spools. Due to the nature of Dye and Material interaction as well as the Absorbtion variation within the materials please allow for a slight variation to the colors you see here.

BCY - Bright White.heic

Bright White

Root Beer

new picture coming soon

BCY - Gold.heic


BCY - Cedar.heic


BCY - Black Cherry.heic

Black Cherry

BCY - Tan (Medium Brown).heic

Tan/ Medium Brown

BCY - Pink.heic


BCY - Buckskin.heic


BCY - Flame.heic


BCY - Electric Red.heic

Electric Red

BCY - Light Blue.heic

Light Blue

BCY - Light Pink.heic

Light Pink

BCY - Green.heic


BCY - Dark Brown.heic

Dark Brown

BCY - Purple.heic


Black New picture coming soon

BCY - GunMetal.heic


BCY - Red.heic


BCY - Royal Blue.heic

Royal Blue

BCY - Mountain Berry.heic

Mountain Berry

BCY - Sunset Orange.heic

Sunset Orange

BCY Kiwi.heic


BCY - Natural.heic

Natural (No Dye)

BCY - Metallic Bronze.heic

Metallic Bronze

BCY - OD Green.heic

OD Green

BCY - Electric Blue.heic

Electric Blue

BCY - Teal.heic


BCY - Yellow.heic


BCY - Silver.heic


BCY - Flo Yellow.heic

Flo Yellow

BCY - Flo Orange.heic

Flo Orange

BCY - Flo Green.heic

Flo Green

BCY - Flo Purple.heic

Flo Purple

BCY - Patriot.heic

*452x only

BCY - Electric Blue and Black.heic

Elec Blue and Black *452x only

BCY Royal Blue and Black.heic

Royal Blue and Black *452x only

BCY - Gold and Black.heic

Gold and Black *452x only

BCY - Sunset Orange and Black.heic

Sunset Orange and Black *452x Only

BCY - Red and White.heic

Red and White *452x Only

BCY - Royal Blue and White.heic

Royal Blue and White *452x Only

BCY - Yellow and Black.heic

Yellow and Black *452x Only

BCY - Black Cherry and Black.heic

Black Cherry and Black *452x Only

BCY - Root Beer and Black.heic

Root Beer and Black *452x Only

BCY Green and Black.heic

Green and Black *452x Only

BCY - Pink and Black.heic

Pink and Black

BCY Black and White.heic

White and Black *452x Only

BCY - Tan (Medium Brown) and Black.heic

Tan (Medium Brown) and Black
*452x Only

BCY - Silver and Black.heic

Silver and Black *452x Only

BCY - Red and Black.heic

Red and Black *452x Only

BCY - Autumn (Green, Black and Sunset Orange).heic

Autumn *452x

BCY - Camo (Green Black and Tan).heic


BCY - Winter Camo (Electric Blue, Silver and Black).heic

Winter Camo *452x Only

BCY - Flo Green and Electric Blue.heic

Flo Green and Electric Blue *452x Only

BCY - Flo Yellow and Black.heic

Flo Yellow and Black *452x Only

BCY - Flo Orange and Black.heic

Flo Orange and Black *452x

BCY - Flo Green and Black.heic

Flo Green and Black *452x Only

BCY - Flo Purple and Black.heic

Flo Purple and Black *452x Only

BCY - Widowmaker.heic

*452x Only

BCY - Sand.heic


BCY - Spring Camo.heic

Spring Camo *452x

BCY - Rogue Camo (Buckskin, Kiwi, Black).heic

Rogue Camo
*452x Only

BCY - Rogue Exclusive (Flo Orange and Royal Blue).heic

Rogue Exclusive
*452x Only

BCY - Seafoam.heic


BCY - Lavender.heic


BCY - Bourbon.HEIC


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