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R21 Ravin String Sets - Black

R21 Ravin String Sets - Black



Size A: 28" String(1), 5 13/16" Cables (x4)

Sixe B: 29" String(1), 6 5/16" Cables (x4)

Size C: 32 3/8" String(1), 9 14/16" Cables (4)


Size A Fits: Ravin R26, R5x models

Size B Fits: Ravin R9, R10, R10X, R15, R20, R29

Size C Fits: All Ravin R500 Vartiations


At Rogue Bowstrings we understand the need for a set of strings quickly and during the peak of hunting season lead times can sometimes prevent you from getting back in the woods should you have a failure. Well Rogue is here to help. we have committed to keeing in stock at all times string sets for the extremely popular Ravin Crossbow Lineup. Our R21 Ravin Crossbows Strings are by far the best in the industry with significantly longer life, increased performance and overall stability if you make the decision to #GoRogue you'll definately #Staytuned. In an effort to keep it simple and due to the Lack of exposed string material all sets are built with our Black R21 Material under Black Servings. 

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