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D97 Flemish Bowstring

D97 Flemish Bowstring


The Flemish String, meticulously crafted using the finest materials and expert techniques. This extraordinary bowstring combines the exceptional durability of D97 fibers with the unparalleled performance of Halo center servings. The D97 fibers, renowned for their soft feel and reliability, ensure a robust and long-lasting string capable of withstanding intense usage. The Halo center servings, delicately woven with precision, provide superior grip and optimal arrow nocking. Together, these components create a synergy that enhances accuracy, stability, and shot consistency, making the Flemish String a top choice for archers seeking traditional perfection. Prepare to experience the pinnacle of traditional archery performance with this meticulously engineered masterpiece.

  • 3 Color Strings

    3 color strings are available in a random speckled finish. To place an order for a 3 color flemish please call us at 866-978-7464 thank you.

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