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Highly regarded as the indestructible next-generation string material. Our BCY-X99 along with BCY-3D cam servings are a DO-ALL/WIN-ALL combination that is most string companies' "top line."

Rogue R17
Do-All Win All


The R17 bowstring is built from a base material of BCY Fibers X-99 Material. Utilizing a blend of SK99 dynema and vectran we have been able to create a highly consistent bowstrings. We utilize Halo end servings with power grip centers to assure durability and quality. 


  • Process Tension Consistency

  • Optimized Twist rate

  • Pre-Stretching

  • Bundle Seal

  • Nock Precision Tolerance 

*for a more in depth explanation of the rogue technologies please visit our technologies page. 


The R17 series of Bowstrings includes a 6 Month warranty against serving separation, stretch, peep rotation as well as manufacturers defects. We pride ourselves in offering a competitive warranty while still having one of the lowest usage rates in the industry. 


Building a Legend

The R17 has been a solid option and will continue to be such in the Rogue Bowstrings Line-up. Long known for its resistance to stretch, creep and other negative effects,     X-99 combined with our commitment to detail and researched processes and superior building practices allows us to provide unmatched quality and reliability. 

At Rogue we listen to our customers, and we rely on our Factory pro-staff to assure that the strings you receive meet and in fact exceed your expectations. 


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